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Role of the New Co-Ordinator


Spectrum: The Alliance


The Spectrum Alliance is an alliance of Health Charities & Patient Support Groups, namely Lupus UK (incl. The Eclipse Support Group and Lupus Europe), Migraine Action, The XP Support Group, and  ES-UK. As such it works within the United Kingdom and the EU only.  The Co-ordinator works on behalf of, and is answerable to the member charities. 


The Alliance has no political view and does not engage in tangential issues such as climate change.  We are a one-issue alliance: the adverse health effects of the present forms of energy-saving lighting and the need to retain incandescent lightbulbs until another proven safe alternative is found.  (We are not an alliance for the retention of incandescent lighting per se.) 


While we have always been happy to offer information and advice to individuals, and to people from other countries, it is only the above charities who are members of the alliance. Individuals and friends of the Alliance, for whose support and help we are grateful, nevertheless need to understand:


  • They should not write letters or carry out any activities in the name of Spectrum Alliance without the prior consent of the Charities.
  • All correspondence and ideas should be directed to the Charities via the Co-ordinator.
  • Any posters, leaflets etc., can only be ratified by the Charities.
  • It should be made clear to everyone that Spectrum Alliance is a non-funded organisation.
  • The Charities have the final say in all matters.


Spectrum: The Co-ordinator



The Coordinator of Spectrum is the person who is responsible with the charity representatives for planning and seeing that our work is furthered efficiently: i.e. to campaign and liaise on the charities' behalf with the UK Government (mainly DoH & DEFRA) and the EU for safe lighting for our members.  This would begin by finding out where Catherine Hessett left off, and discussing the priorities with the member charities.



A person who wants to apply for the position of coordinator must be a good communicator, and must have (or be willing to quickly acquire) a basic knowledge of the different illnesses which we represent, and the type of lighting that badly affects each group.


He/she should be independent and self-motivated.

It would be preferred if he/she was a sufferer but not necessary.

He/she must have good communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills, and be competent on the computer.


Modus operandi

  • He/she should be determined and committed, and have the good name of the Spectrum Alliance at heart.
  • All letters, posters, leaflets etc., should be ratified by the Charities.
  • Contact with MPs, MEPs, EU and UK Government, the Press etc., should have the ratification of the Charities. No letter may be sent or action taken on behalf of the Alliance until it has been sent for approval to all the member charities, and a time (decided by the co-ordinator, but at least 3 days) given for response. The matter must not be pursued or letter sent until the time has elapsed, and the co-ordinator has received a positive answer from at least two charities, and no negative answers.
  • A person’s or group’s name may not be used without obtaining their prior permission.
  • The Charities have the final say in all matters.


While we are happy for the campaigning to be robust, we want to maintain and build on the few positive relationships we have already made, especially within the UK government.



We have a history of providing good moral and informational support to the co-ordinator, and have always been willing to cover out-of-pocket expenses provided that these are approved by the charities in advance.


Anyone wishing to take on this important role should email John Ryder ( by the end of May  giving some background about him/herself and his/her ideas for the campaign; the offer will then be circulated amongst the charities.