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Campaigning for the approx. 2 million people in the UK

adversely affected by modern lighting.


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SPECTRUM was founded in 2007 because the government announced the banning of incandescent bulbs in favour of Fluorescent Tubes, Low Energy Bulbs, Halogens and LEDs by 2011.  All these types of lighting emit Ultraviolet rays and Blue light which can be harmful to people who suffer from Light Sensitivity.  The government knows of the problem but will not inform the general public.

SPECTRUM represents various charities whose members suffer from Light Sensitivity.

Some people who suffer from Light Sensitivity are unable to have a normal life.  They are unable to go shopping, visit the theatre, enter public buildings and when visiting friends they have to take their own lighting.  Now there are plans to change street lighting from Amber Sodium Tubes to White Fluorescent Tubes which means sufferers will be unable to go for walks and get fresh air after dark.

SPECTRUM is not funded.

SPECTRUM is in constant contact with government departments, medical experts, the lighting industry and the EU.

We are  asking for your help so that we can carry on this necessary campaign against the “Banning of Incandescent Bulbs” by the government.  Pleasedonate what you can.

Lupus UK has agreed to administer the fund.  Please send all donations to:

SPECTRUM, c/o Mr Chris Maker, Lupus UK, St James House, Eastern Road, Romford, Essex RM1 3NH

Please make cheques payable to Lupus UK.

The money raised will be used to cover the running costs of SPECTRUM - paper, postage, ink/toner for printers, cost to operate the website, leaflets etc and also the expenses incurred by Catherine Hesset (Co-ordinator) and John Ryder (Adviser).  We are both unpaid volunteers.