What to try in LED lamps



Best Option: 

1. Choose LED lightbulbs with a colour temperature of 2700k.

2. These LED lightbulbs are usually called Warm White and have a lower output of the blue light spectrum. (Avoid Cool White and 'superbright' which have higher blue emissions.

3. If possible choose a filament design.  This will generally be stated on the packaging. (Usually a filament LED is comprised only of a glass bulb with a brass lamp holder so avoid plastic based lamps or those with a plastic segment between the glass bulb and metal base.)


- Although filament bulbs usually emit warmer light, you may find cold looking filament LEDs that are worse than some non-filament LEDs

- Cheap LED bulbs of all types are prone to flicker

- This is still a difficult market with insufficient product information so you will need to trial what you buy to find something tolerable for you.